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Termites? We’ve got termites!! Now what? You start searching the internet for termite control companies near me, and of course BEST termite treatment reviews because who wants bad local termite companies showing up to give you a free termite inspection? There are so many pest control companies that pop up when you search for termite inspectors near me.

Or maybe you’re under the impression that DIY termite treatments are a great idea? Maybe your friend Bob told you to just google Do It Yourself termite treatment chemicals, or termite control products? Do you think Bob is qualified to give you the best advice on termite control home remedies? Even asking about do it yourself termite control at Home Depot is not the best termite treatment advice available. Why not call the termite extermination experts? You wouldn’t call a plumber for a brain tumor, so we don’t recommend asking Bob about termite control methods. Call us today for your termite inspection. A termite inspection, is a pest inspection that looks for wood destroying organisms.

There are basically three species of termites in Florida. We’ve listed the three different types of termites below. There is a fourth termite in Florida, the conehead termite. However, this termite lives in Broward County, Florida. It is not known as a statewide termite because it’s activity has been limited to south Florida.

Dampwood termites

Bigger than subterranean termites, dampwood termites are the biggest of all of the termite species. Dampwood swarmers can sometimes be longer than an inch, because they are so much larger, they are capable of destroying wood easily and quickly. These termites prefer wood with a higher moisture content, hence their name Dampwood termites. Rotting firewood that has been left out in the rain is basically pure heaven for these termites. Dampwood termites love living in places like Florida, Hawaii, Northern California, Washington and of course damp Oregon. They aren’t known for causing major structural damage due to the fact that they require a constant source of moisture.

Drywood Termites

Found in Southern states, drywood termites aren’t as common as other species of termites. Drywood termites love hanging out in your attic, but will be happy to eat your fence, and even your trees. Drywood termites have smaller colonies than their cousins, the colonies of drywood termites only number in the thousands, not the millions like some other species of termites. Birds, ants and reptiles are their predators. Drywood termites have a tendency to leave termite dropping around your home or business. Drywood termites are known to swarm between May and September. Termites swarm once they have consumed most of the wood in one particular area. Once the wood is consumed the Queen sends the swarmers out to find a new food source.

Formosan Termites

Formosan termites are an introduced species of subterranean termite that are very common all over Florida. These subterranean termites are highly destructive due to the shear size of the colonies they build. Formosan termites typically swarm in the early Spring through mid Summer.  As their name suggests these termites live below ground and in the soil. They create elaborate tubes made of mud, and look for food above ground. They are just as happy eating the wood your house is made or as eating a log. Formosan termites can eat a high quantity of wood in a very short time. For this reason it is imperative that you call Pest Control Land O’ Lakes as soon as you suspect you may have a termite problem.

It may become obvious that you have termite trouble in the Spring and Summer. Spring and Summer are a termites favorite time of year in Florida, this when they will swarm and establish new colonies. You may start to find termite wings in your home or business on light fixtures or on windowsills. If you have drywood termites you will probably find termite turds around the area where the termites live. These termites are know to make little holes in wood in order to discard their fecal matter through, what can we say, they like a termite tunnel.

Obviously the best way to protect your home from termites is to protect it before you have a termite problem. Call us today to discuss all of your termite prevention options. If you think you may have termites, you need to act quickly! Termites are no joke. They can and will destroy your biggest investment, your home if you wait to have your home treated for termites. So please don’t hesitate, call Pest Control Land O’ Lakes today at 727-275-1335 to schedule your free termite inspection. 

WDO Inspections – Wood Destroying Organism Inspection

It is essential that you get a WDO inspection and a home inspection if you are thinking of purchasing a home. A standard home inspection doesn’t include a termite inspection. This is a fact that many people don’t know. The traditional home inspection examines your plumbing, roof, HVAC, electrical and appliances. However, they don’t include termite inspections.

Land O’ Lakes homeowners should have a WDO. WDO, or wood destroying organism inspection, is an inspection that examines the inside of the house and any areas easily accessible for signs of wood-destroying insects. A WDO inspector can inspect the home to identify termite activity. Homeowners insurance does not usually cover termite damage. This is why it is important that all sub-spaces, such as crawlspaces and basements, are inspected by a qualified WDO inspector. An inspection for wood-destroying organisms takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour. The pest control technician will inspect the home for termites and other wood-destroying insects. The WDO inspection will not only inspect the home for wood-destroying organisms but also determine if the siding is in direct contact with the soil and the slope and grade of the soil relative to the foundation. After the inspection is completed, the findings will appear on a report detailing the wood-destroying organism. A detailed report will be provided that includes any termite activity and structural damage to the home caused by wood-destroying organisms.

Call Pest Control Land O’ Lakes today at 727-275-1335, for a professional WDO inspection.

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