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Do you have rodents running loose in your home or business?  Call Pest Control Land O Lakes to get rid of them at 727-275-1335.  We are the top rodent exterminator in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.  We can handle any size rodent problem, whether it’s residential or commercial, rats or mice. Many people who contact us say they hear a scratching noise in attic, or ask how to tell what kind of animal is in my attic, or they reach out to us because they hear rodents in attic at night, they clearly they think they have a problem with rodents. Rats are a bigger problem in Pasco that you might imagine. Once you realize that you have a rodent problem, you need to act fast. Homeowners definitely don’t want mice or rats running wild in their home or attic. More times than not when people call to say they have mice, it turns out that they have rats. Regardless, rodents are an embarrassing problem to have, especially if you own a business. Just the thought of rats or mice running around in your business will make you shiver!  Call Pest Control Land O’ Lakes today, and we will get rid of your rodent infestation for you.

With small features and a long tail, Mice are furry little nocturnal rodents. Looking for a place to call home, they find their way in your home or office. Warmth, food, and a safe place to stay, away from snakes, birds, cats and even dogs.  Mice move quickly and have a keen sense of hearing which makes up for their bad eyesight. Their keen sense of smell means that they can  smell food from quite a distance. This means if you leave food out, you may have unwanted company come calling. 

Common questions people will ask when they call us about rodents are:

  • I found a rat in my house is there more?
  • How to tell if you have mice in your walls?
  • What causes rats to come in your house?
  • How to tell how many rats are in your house?
  • If you have mice you don’t have rats, is that true?
  • Can you have mice and rats at the same time?
  • How to tell if you have rats or mice?

D-I-Y or Do-It-Yourself Rodent Treatments

What the DIY or Do-It-Yourself pest control websites don’t prepare you for is seeing and hearing a dying rodent on a trap squirming and squeaking and slowly dying, or picking up the dead rats or mice. There are plenty of Do-it-yourself rat removal techniques available on different websites on the Internet that recommend do it yourself rodent removal, however we don’t suggest attempting to remove mice or rats on your own. The DIY rodent removal method or the mouse traps you purchase from Home Depot more than likely aren’t going to solve your rodent problem. These DIY rodent techniques or rat traps may kill one or two mice or rats, but it never gets to the source of your problem. Call our local pest control company for effective rodent removal and save yourself the hassle. Professional rodent control is more effective than do it yourself rodent control. We are trained pest exterminators that are licensed and have experience dealing with rodent infestations.We have many effective methods for getting rid of mice and rats as well as the root of infestation problem. We provide safe and effective rodent removal in Land O Lakes, FL and the surrounding areas.To contact a rodent exterminator in Land O’ Lakes, FL for a free quote, call Pest Control Land O’ Lakes at 727-275-1335


If you’re asking any of the questions above, we would venture to yes! Mice act as transmitters of various diseases, Hantavirus can be fatal when transmitted to humans. Mouse removal is very important because your family’s chance of illness increases dramatically if you have a mouse problem. Mice might be cute in the pet store, but mice in your home or business are not so cute, so it’s best to call a local pest control professional for a pest inspections.

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We can handle all of your pest control problems. Whether it’s termites, roaches, rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, spiders, ants, a home inspection or monthly maintenance, our professionals can handle it. Submit our easy online form or call us today at 727-275-1335 for a home inspection. We will provide fast and friendly service.

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