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Is Fido fidgety? Sadie scratchin’? Sounds like a case of fleas! Fleas. You can be flea free one day, and have a flea infestation the next, or so it may seem. You or your pets can pick up fleas from the yard or from a friends pets and unknowingly transport them in to your home. Fleas can very quickly infest your home due to the fact that their life cycle is about 15 days from egg to adult. 

A Flea’s Life Cycle:

flea lifecycle

​Similar in size to bed bugs, fleas are not easily seen, unlike a spider or cockroach. Fleas don’t always leave a visible bite mark on your skin, but they will make you scratch, itch, and become irritable. Due to a fleas incredible ability to jump, they can spread around your home in no time at all. Fleas can jump up to 8 feet high! That’s an incredible 150 times their own height! Not only do fleas love to hide on furry Fido, but they love to make house in the cushions of your couch, the carpeting on your floors, the bedding on your bed, they even like to hide in your home’s baseboards.

You can attempt to kill the fleas by buying do it yourself flea treatments for your home, or try homemade flea sprays for your dog or cat,  the easiest way how to get rid fleas in the house fast, is to call Pest Control Land O Lakes at 727-275-1335  today.

The main hosts for these ferocious phenoms are usually dogs, cats, and yes humans, but quite frankly any warm blooded mammal will do. They latch on and lay their eggs. These eggs then fall off and embed themselves in the carpet or furniture until they hatch. Once they hatch, they start looking for food. Fleas feast on the blood of their host by biting them, sometimes leaving red marks on the skin. When having your home treated for fleas, you need have your pets treated at the same time, if you don’t you will be wasting your money as your pets are the unsuspecting home to these unwanted guests.

What do FLEA BITES Look Like?

flea bites

We specialize in exterminating fleas from your home, restoring your home to the flea free home you deserve. We will also make sure small cracks are sealed around your home so that more pests cannot enter into your home. We can also offer tips and advice on on-going flea prevention. Call the pest control experts at Pest Control Land O’ Lakes today to eliminate all of your flea problems.

Our exterminators can get your flea infestation problem under control. When you contact us to handle your flea problem, we will start our process by performing a thorough site pest inspection. The key component to eliminating any type of flea infestation is to make sure we know the extent of the infestation. Our pest control experts do a great job of diagnosing the problem. Fleas can be frustrating there is no doubt. If let them go too long and you aren’t able to get them under control, they will continue to multiply. Call us today at 727-275-1335.

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