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You see a spider run across your bathroom floor, or worse yet it decides to snuggle up in your bed! You turn on your kitchen light and see sugar ants having a midnight snack. Living in Florida has it’s advantages but finding cockroaches in your Land O’ Lakes home is no fun. So you grab some DIY pest solution off the internet, and try the home remedy for roaches, only to find that there are now more cockroaches than before! We don’t recommend wasting your time or money on do it yourself pest products, instead call us at 727-275-1335. We offer all natural pest control as well as standard pest control treatments. 

Listed below are the top pests we receive calls on, but that doesn’t mean that’s all we can handle for you.  

  • ​Bed Bugs
  • Fire Ants
  • Sugar Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Palmetto Bugs
  • Fleas
  • Termites
  • Rodents

Whatever type of insects, rodents or creepy creatures you find crawling around your home, we got you. Listen, we know just how mortifying it can be to find roaches, fleas or bed bugs in your home. It doesn’t mean that your home is not clean, it just means that these unwanted guest found a new place to call home. Call us today at 727-275-1335, to take back your home and evict these unwanted guests. 

When you find yourself dealing with an invasion of pests in your home or business, we understand that getting the right services in a timely manor is crucial. This is one of the many reasons why we ensure that when you pick up the phone to call our pest control company we are there to respond. We know that you’re looking for a fast and effective solution to your situation. 

We always aim to ensure that you have the most pleasant customer service experience in what can otherwise be a stressful situation. When choosing our reputable local pest control service, you’ll have a company in your corner that is always willing to go the extra mile for you. It all starts with your first call to our pest control company and doesn’t end until your pest issue is resolved. 

For more information about us and your options call us at 727-275-1335. You’ll be able to schedule an appointment, or ask questions about a pest or rodent problem you may be having, and schedule a pest inspection. You can fill out our contact form if you prefer. Upon reviewing your information, we will contact you with additional information about our pest control company. For fast, affordable and reliable pest control and extermination services in Land O’ Lakes and the surrounding areas, call us at 727-275-1335, or submit our online form today!

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