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Looking for professional cockroach pest control in Land O’ Lakes? Our local exterminator can help! Whether it’s your business or your home, large or small we’ll rid you of cockroaches once and for all. No one wants these dirty insects scurrying around their home or office. Cockroaches are hard to get rid of, heck they’ve been around for over 300 million, yes 300 million years!

Did you know that cockroaches inhabit all 7 continents? Including Antarctica! With their hard exoskeltons, they can not only survive, but thrive in just about any climate.

Out of over 5,000 different species of roaches, roughly 30 species have decided to co-exist with humans. Ranging in size from a 1/2 inch to several inches long, with a preference for dark places, they can live in almost any environment. Commonly referred to as Palmetto Bugs, cockroaches also love water, we’ll check under your sinks, and around your home or business for water leakage to ensure that your are not unintentionally providing a haven for roaches. Cockroaches don’t bite, however they do carry some nasty bacteria that can infect your food.

Do it yourself cockroach treatments often have the opposite effect on roaches. Within a few days of applying DIY cockroach products, you will often see even more roaches! Roaches multiply faster than Archimedes, which is another reason do it yourself roach treatments are so ineffective. If you have pets in your home, we definitely don’t recommend store bought insecticides or pesticide sprays for roaches, and highly recommend that you stay away from roach motels. Too many times the family pet gets a hold of one of these cockroach traps, and poor Fido winds up sick or worse. Our cockroach treatment ensures that the roaches are gone but your family, including your fur babies are safe. The most reliable way to get rid of roaches is to call  Pest Control Land O’ Lakes, we’ll ensure that every area of your home or business will be thoroughly treated so that they don’t come back. 

How can I tell if I have roaches in my home or business? 

  • You may see Cockroach droppings. These droppings are typically black droppings that are less than 1mm wide and of varying lengths.
  • You may see smear marks. If you have water leaks, cockroaches will produce brown and irregular shaped smear marks around the area where the water is.
  • You may see skin that has been shed by the roaches has they mature into adulthood. 
  • You may smell an unusual odor. If the cockroaches have established an infestation they may produce an unpleasant musty smell..
  • You may see live cockroaches scurrying around in your bathrooms and kitchen. You might see them when you turn on the light in the kitchen when you go looking for a midnight snack.

Cockroaches live all around your home or office. They love your bathrooms. They will hide in and behind cabinets, under your sink, or toilet. They love to eat soap residue, toilet paper, and tissues. Kitchens are probably their favorite spot in the whole house! Cupboards, cabinets, under the kitchen sink, behind the dishwasher, and under the stove. So many fun places to hide! Laundry Rooms make for a nice warm & cozy spot to hide. The hidden crevices, and warmth from the washer & fryer make this a great place to stay. Cracks or gaps in your baseboards are a one of the best places cockroaches can hide. They love it when you store paper or cardboard, they snack on the paper, and can make a home out of it too. Drains and pipe ducts make it easy for cockroaches to make their way into your home or business. Call us today for a pest inspection.

Preventing Cockroaches

Your home or business could potentially be an ideal breeding ground cockroaches. There are many ways that roaches can gain access to your home or business. They can get in through cracks, crevices, vents, sewers and pipe drains. Denying cockroaches access to shelter, water and food is the most effective way to prevent them from moving into your business or home.  Eliminate all food sources by storing food in tightly sealed containers or sealed plastic bags and do not leave food sitting out on counters. Do not leave open containers or water around your home or office. Make sure your counters and floors are food free. Wipe down counters, and sweep floors daily. If your pets are on constant feeders, put them away at night. Throw out newspapers and cardboard as soon as possible. Caulking entry points and sealing cracks will deny access to cockroaches.

Roaches or palmetto bugs are very common especially living in Florida. While an unkempt home or office can contribute to a roach infestation, more often than not, the hot, humid, damp weather which is something we all live with in Land O Lakes, is one of, if not the biggest contributors when you find cockroaches in your home or business. Don’t be embarrassed to call us for help, that’s what we’re here for.  Trust the professional pest control experts at Pest Control Land O Lakes. Call us today at 727-275-1335 for your pest inspection and get rid of your cockroach infestation today. ​​

What do roaches look like?

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