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As one of the top bed bug exterminators in Land O’ Lakes, FL our pest control service is in high demand year-round.  We hear about failed do it yourself bed bugs treatments, DIY methods or other pest control companies that just weren’t up to par.  For proper bed bug treatment, call our team of local pest control professionals.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Bed Bugs are the number one pest affecting public health today.  These almost microscopic creatures bite humans in order to feed on their blood, much like a flea.  Bed bug infestations have made a huge comeback in recent years and are now quite common. Bed bugs, despite being extremely itchy, and hugely annoying, aren’t known to transmit any diseases. Bed bugs have built up a tolerance to pesticides and with the public having a general lack of knowledge
on the preventive measures needed to protect against these pests the number of outbreaks are on the rise.


In order to find bed bugs, you should thoroughly check your mattress and upholstery for visible signs of the bed bugs. You’ll want to look for dark colored spots, bed bug eggs, and the bed bugs themselves. You may even smell a foul odor coming from your mattress. You may see excretion from the pests that can range in color from red to black. ​Some sources will tell you to check for bites on your skin, but this method is highly inaccurate because bed bug bites can resemble a rash or hives or any number of other insect bites. Obviously, you’ll want to find the bed bugs as quickly as possible in order to avoid an expensive treatment to have them removed. By calling our professional pest control company right away, you can prevent the spread of beg bugs throughout your house and completely eliminate the problem.​ 


Hands down the safest, most effective way to get rid of bed bugs is to call a pest control company or local exterminator.  Yes,​ there are do it yourself bed bug treatments on the market but these DIY bed bug removal methods are not as effective as having a professional bed bug exterminator rid your home of these pests.  The Environmental Protection Agency or (EPA) has approved over 300 chemicals that treat bed bugs. Every single one of them is hazardous to your health unless used properly.  Call the professional bed bug exterminators at Pest Control Land o Lakes, and our trained experts will inspect your home, apartment, or office. We will then devise an appropriate removal strategy to get rid the  bed bugs as quickly and safely as possible. You can rest assured that we will completely eliminate your pest problem. 

Bed Bug Prevention Techniques

First and foremost, it is very important to be aware of just how experienced bed bugs are at traveling  These tiny little creatures find ways to join you on your travels home by finding their way into your suitcase or carry-on bag, and next thing you know they are in your bed or furniture. Bed bugs can hide in luggage, clothes, beds, chairs, couches, anywhere really. 

Minimize your chances of welcoming these pests into your home by implementing the preventative measures listed below:
Remove the Clutter – The more stuff you have laying around your home, the more hiding places bed bugs have.
Keep Your Home Clean! Vacuuming at least once a week will catch any pests that have made it into your carpets and floors.
Buy a Mattress Cover – Protective mattress covers  wrap around your mattress to prevent any bugs from getting in.

Inspect used furniture – Used furniture is one of the most common ways beg bugs are introduced into your home. ​

Call us at 727-275-1335 for a pest inspection and professional bed bug extermination. We’ll get rid of those bed bugs for you. We believe in delivering a high quality, affordable bed bug solution. 

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